Teen Alcohol Treatment Los Angeles

Los Angeles Teen Alcohol Treatment

Our Outpatient Teen Alcohol Treatment in Los Angeles helps adolescents through our teen alcohol abuse program with evidence-based therapy and structure. We help teens see past peer pressure, with clinical teen alcoholism treatment.

Teen Alcohol Treatment Los Angeles

At Teen Alcohol Treatment Los Angeles, we provide a highly effective and comprehensive treatment program for adolescents struggling with teen alcohol abuse and addiction. Our approach is designed to help the teen build strategies to handle their addiction and cravings, improve their communication skills, expand positive relationships in their lives, manage stress, and become accountable for their actions.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy in our Teen Alcohol Treatment Program allows our clinical experts to dive deep into the core underlying issues the teen has, and why they turn to alcohol abuse.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is highly effective in our Los Angeles Teen Alcohol Treatment Program. It allows teenagers to take part in clinically guided group therapy sessions and hear how others are struggling with the same issues.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy is a large component of our Teen Alcohol Treatment, as most of the time, underlying issues begin within the family setting. We work with parents as well as the teen to develop long term action plans.

Mental Health

Mental Health always plays somewhat of a role when dealing with Teen Alcohol Abuse. We understand that teenage alcoholism is different for each individual. Our experts can help your teen find better mental clarity.

The Perfect Outpatient Teen Alcohol Treatment Program

Our Outpatient Teen Alcohol Treatment Program in Los Angeles has helped hundreds of teens get sober, stay sober, and achieve long-term recovery. The progressive approach used by this program and our clinical experts have a proven track record of assisting teenagers who have developed dangerous drinking habits. Contact us today to learn more.

Holistic Treatment for Teen Alcohol Problems

At our outpatient Teen Alcohol Treatment in Los Angeles, we offer a safe and comfortable environment that nurtures clients and gives them a supportive foundation to address and change their teen alcohol problems. We facilitate a personal healing journey by helping teens discover the unique factors that drive their drug use and craft an appropriate recovery program based on their identified needs.

Evidence Based Therapies

Teen alcohol abuse treatment doesn’t have to be difficult for the individual. By creating a warm environment, using evidence-based therapy, our clients feel comfortable opening up to us. We see breakthroughs when in group therapy sessions. Our outpatient alcohol rehab for teens helps adolescents think differently.

Inviting Environment

Outpatient Alcohol rehab for teens shouldn’t make the teenager feel like they’re dreading the sessions. We create a warm, inviting environment where teens can receive educational support and deep therapy sessions to focus on holistic teen alcohol treatment.

Alternate Therapies

We promote holistic healing practices that help teen alcohol problems find solutions within themselves. Our teen alcohol treatment helps your teen understand the importance of exercise, meditation, self-reflection, & good friend groups. 

Los Angeles Outpatient Alcohol Rehab For Teens

Helping one teenager at a time

We focus on unconditional acceptance of the individual as well as their strengths and challenges. We help teens gain focus and balance so they may embrace healthy relationships, improve communication skills, and foster the motivation to take responsibility instead of blaming others.

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